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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

We've nicked named her Borrego Red, but she needs a sponsor to give her a real name. Why is our August Mustang of the Month nicked named Borrego Red? Please read on and enjoy the story of this red sorrel mare banding with the Spanish Mustangs.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Once again in a band of mustangs! 

Borrego Red was one of the lucky mustangs that received transport to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. We feel privileged that this beautiful copper red mare will live the rest of her life running free in the grass and hills of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

A "Friend" indeed!

Yes, she has that lovely Curly mustang disposition. Her joy in her surroundings is as infectious as is her heart large enough to enjoy all humans and horses alike for their friendship. You'll have a hard time resisting her charming Curly personality. But, why resist? Better to indulge yourself in her love.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

The heart and comfort of having a place
Borrego Red found her band in the Spanish Mustang herd. You'll find her with her comfort friends Gabriela and Honey (November 2013 Mustang of the Month). And you'll notice the gelding of the group is none other than lover boy Buckshot (December 2013 Mustang of the Month).



From the last southern California mustangs

For some 100 years, mustangs traversed the heart of Coyote Canyon in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern California. Demographics have changed this park from one where a band of mustangs roamed into a park where Wifi is available within the park.


In 2003 park management made the decision to transport all mustangs out of the park. Borrego Red was a member of the disbanded band of mustangs.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Not just free to roam

Freedom for a mustang means more than roaming unfettered in a spacious land of grasses, canyons, and sky. The mustang wants to have the freedom to band together with other mustangs and choose with whom she wants to befriend. Borrego Red wasn't long in holding at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary before she jumped the fence determined to find her place in a band of mustangs.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Name this mustang

Borrego Red sure could use a Four Seasons Friend! Sponsor her as a Four Seasons Friend and choose a name for her. She's found her forever home, now she needs a forever name.


And please, no matter the amount of money you can give to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, it will be put to use to keep the mustangs of America wild and free.


Text & Photos by John

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang
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