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Curly Mustang

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Meet our Curly Horse Herd!

Located in front of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary Visitor’s Center are the cutest, curliest, charming and colorful mustang greeters that you might ever meet! The four Curly horses' official job is to welcome visitors. Each of the members of this small herd of Curlys has origin in different parts of American History.


The Native Americans considered the Curlys to be special mounts for Medicine Men and Chief. Artwork from the Battle of the Little Big Horn shows warriors riding Curly Mustangs in the battle. Join us in celebration of this unique, friendly little horse whose beautiful curls and gentle ways will win your heart. Help us to support and promote this special mustang breed.


The Curly Mustangs here at the Sanctuary all came here to live and help to teach others about their place in History.

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