About the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

Institute of Range and the American Mustang Goals and Purpose:


Preserving the land to offer a haven of hope for America's wild horses since 1988.

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary was created as a nonprofit organization to provide and maintain a permanent private home for America's unwanted wild horses. IRAM's goal of saving the American Wild Mustang also includes the preservation of endangered wild horse bloodlines of the resident mustang bands. This includes the Spanish, Choctaw Indian, Curly and American Mustangs.

No state or federal funds are received by the organization.  All efforts to maintain the Sanctuary land and provide the best possible life of freedom for the horses are funded through the generosity of donors!

f you wish to support our efforts, please do so with your donations, sponsorships or gift shop purchases. The Sanctuary is closed to the public.

Questions?   Call the Office!

Monday - Friday:    9 am - 5 pm MTN



Susan Watt, Executive Director

605-745-7494 - direct line                 i​ram@gwtc.net

Melinda Kersten                              wildhorses@gwtc.net

Kelly Jennison                                 freetorun@gwtc.net

Offices are CLOSED Saturday-Sunday

In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect this land to provide a haven of hope for America's wild horses, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is private property and CLOSED to the public.    

Thank you for supporting the horses with your donations and purchases through our online gift shop!

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