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In 2012 and 2013, Windrider Farm Choctaw Horse Conservation program donated three Choctaw broodmares (Goblin, Angel, and Pearl) and their respective foals (Misty, Chief, and Feh) to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary (BHWHS) in Hot Springs, South Dakota. The BHWHS is a premier venue for these mares and foals to continue and expand the Choctaw horse conservation effort. In August 2012, two of these exquisite mares and foals were greeted in South Dakota by their new herd sire, Lakna (Sky Horse), who was donated by Neda DeMayo from Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc, California. His sire is the renowned Choctaw stud, Beechkeld Icktinicky, owned by Dr. D. Phillip Sponenberg. The BHWHS is proud to welcome these rare horses into our Spanish Mustang Spirit Preservation program! With this acquisition, the BHWHS has become a steward of one of the premier conservation herds in the country due to the unique genetics encompassed in this group. Goblin is the featured example of the Choctaw horse listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website due to her importance to the effort for color, type, and bloodlines. We have already carried these genetics another generation into the future when Lakna sired two fillies out of Goblin and Angel in 2013. The Choctaw, a rare strain of the Spanish horse (often referred to as a Choctaw pony), remains critically endangered with less than 300 worldwide.