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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Red Hawk is our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor for February. He's a magnificent Sulphur/Spanish Mustang, worthy heir to the Sulphur/Spanish Mustang heritage of the United States. His running with the Spanish Mustangs at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a sight you'll never forget.


Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Saving the Spanish Mustang Spirit!

Red Hawk's band wanders the beautiful acres of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Like his brethren Red Hawk belongs to a rare group of mustangs, the Sulphur/Spanish Mustang. A direct descendent of the Sulphur Herd in Utah, Red Hawk carries the lineage of the original Colonial Spanish Horse, the first horses brought to America by the Spanish Explorers in the late 1500s.

A Triple Dorsal Stripe!

Identifying Red Hawk can't be easier if you look at the backs of the Spanish Mustang herd. His primitive markings make him unique, a Sulphur/Spanish Mustang with a triple dorsal stripe.  Combine his stunning dorsal stripe with a coppery red dun coat and you'll see Red Hawk is a stunningly handsome mustang.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang
Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Working together!

Preserving the bloodlines of the fabulous Sulphur/Spanish Mustang requires the effort of many dedicated people. Working hand in hand with Return to Freedom Horse Sanctuary of California, we're determined to keep alive the Spanish Mustang Spirit for future generations. Red Hawk's first home was the Return to Freedom Horse Sanctuary. Through their kind efforts Red Hawk became part of our Spanish Mustang band at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

A history of almost 500 hundred years

Take a glance at the history on the Sulphur Springs Registry of the Sulphur Herd in Utah. Now imagine part of the Sulphur Herd running free at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. And imagine if future generations would never get to see herds of Spanish Mustangs running as wild mustangs. We think this important heritage of our history must be in the future too!

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Need more information?

If you are interested in reading more about the Spanish Mustang Spirit, then please go to Karen Parker's wonderful website: Spanish Mustang Spirit of the Black Hills.

What can you do?

First and foremost, we would love to have you visit and see Red Hawk and his band roaming freely. We know the beauty of the Sulphur/Spanish Mustang will capture your heart. With every person who believes in the necessity of preserving the Spanish Mustang, the future of the Spanish Mustang Spirit becomes more assured.

And we do ask you to help us by sponsoring Red Hawk. Think of his lineage, his beautiful color, and his outstanding triple dorsal strip! Isn't he worth all our efforts to keep him free to run?

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