Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Shoshone is our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor for October. She's a shy girl that has found her forever home. The first thirteen years of her life, Shoshone spent as a neglected captive. She's now got love and freedom. Please read her story, and we hope you'll help us keep Shoshone free and happy.


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It's a Long Ways from Nevada to South Dakota!

Born in the BLM facility at Palomino Valley, NV in 1998, Shoshone's long journey to freedom started when she was adopted and moved to the east coast. Sadly her adoption meant two years of abuse before she was taken away from her original adopter.

Shoshone of the Beautiful Mane

When wandering through the rescue horses you're sure to wonder who the mare is with the beautiful long mane and forelocks. She is Shoshone, a favorite horse of ours to watch on a windy day as her beautiful horse hair plays with the wind.


Her story of rescue is long, but now she's free and happily living with the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary rescue band of horses.

Rescued but not Saved!

Shoshone was confiscated from her first owner, but her troubled life was not over. For a long eleven years she was kept in a small paddock by her second owner. Neglect and no love were Shoshone's first thirteen years of her life.

4,000 Miles and 13 years later:

Through the tireless efforts of Celine Myers and The Ark Watch Foundation, Shoshone was rescued from her second owner. She was transported from the east coast to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2012.

We feel she more than deserves her freedom and all the care and love we can give her after 4,000 miles and 13 years.

Shoshone Has Found Her Forever Home

It's generous people like you, who have made Shoshone's future bright and happy. She's a beautiful mare to sponsor, and one that you'll instantly recognize when you come visit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

And just ask Shoshone, "Does it get any better than this for a wild mustang in need of rescue?" You'll smile when she looks at you and you know she's thinking, "No, it does not!"

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