Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

General is our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor for June. Arriving at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2012, General was finally able to stretch his legs and run free like a mustang should. The efforts of many people like you brought freedom to General and will continue to do so.


Loving his life with his friends in his forever home!

When you visit General you'll smile at his mingling with the other horses. He truly lives up to his name as he handles the mustang hierarchy with aplomb. Not one to be pushed around, but always willing to be friendly, General often can be caught chatting with his friends or giving the courtesy of a good grooming or itch.

The dignity of a General!

If any photo does justice to the dignity of General, it has to be this one as he surveys the acres and acres of beautiful land for him to roam with his band of rescue horses. Like the other horses in the band, General's life had too many years of captivity in small corrals with no room to roam. Now he can roam and watch over his band of friends; now he is free as any mustang should be.

Please help General!

As you know, we can't do it alone. It's your generosity that keeps a wonderful mustang like General living in freedom and harmony with his band of mustangs. And it's your love of the spirit of wild mustangs that keeps the wild and beautiful mustang spirit in the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, a place where anyone can enjoy mustangs dreams. Thank you for helping General remain our special General mustang!

General has earned his freedom:

After seeing General, imagine him kept corralled for almost a dozen years before returning to freedom. Originally a BLM mustang, General was rounded up at the BLM Palomino Valley facility. After his capture he was confined to a small pen where he could not see or touch other horses. His feet were like plates from lack of care and exercise. Celine Myers of The Ark Watch Foundation came to his rescue. In the spring of 2012 General arrived at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. After settling in he was gelded and those feet were trimmed. Two years later he's a happy mustang in a wonderful world.

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In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect this land to provide sanctuary for America's wild horses, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is private property and is not open to the public.

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