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Spanish Mustangs

Spanish Mustangs


Madre Hija roughly translates to the relationship between Mother and Daughter.  This Spanish Sulphur bloodline Mother and Daughter reside on the "Wildside" of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.


The Mother or Madre bears the grey or rucio coloring while the daughter, Hija bears a reddish dun coloring.  Both have the dark leg stockings, the dorsal stripe and black tipped ears that are associated with the Spanish Mustang.


These two will likely stay together for the balance of their lives.  Mothers and daughters within the herd are strongly bonded.



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    The Mustang Friend Donation Program allows you to donate directly to the care of a wild horse that makes their home here. Your support will provide your mustang with hay, fresh water, energy cake, and salt, mineral, and wormer blocks. Your contributions will also provide any necessary farrier, dentist, and other vet care.


    All Sponsors Receive:
    * Photograph of Mustang Friend
    * Annual Calendar of Sanctuary Mustangs
    * Letter of Contribution

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