Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Sid is our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor for August. He's a big guy with a big personality. And he's a big guy that likes to protect the petite mares. Yup, he's all heart and welcomes attention and love from all of us. He's also known as "Lucky" Sid, because of his rescue, so please read more about Sid.


From the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming

Rounded up by the BLM in 2002 in the Great Divide Basin Horse Management Area, Sid was adopted and then resold and adopted again. It seemed as if Sid had a permanent home, but circumstances didn't go well for Sid; in 2013 Sid needed a permanent home. Carol Poole of the Mustang and Burro Freedom Foundation realized Sid's plight. Carol already had a number of rescued horses from the east coast on their way to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary; that truck made a quick detour to pick up Sid in Iowa. Very lucky for Sid! Very lucky for us at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary!

"I'm one of the lucky ones!"

Sid does talk in his own way. You can see the gratitude in his eyes to all that brought him to a perfect place for any mustang.


And we know that we are so lucky to have all the horse and mustang lovers like you that keep the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary the perfect place for the horses to run free!

"Lucky" Sid!

You can't miss Sid in the pastures and woods of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary; he's a big and beautiful guy with Percheron influence, giving him fine colors and a majestic mane and impressive stature. Sid arrived at his forever home in 2013. His luck was with him indeed when his fortunes changed for the better. Yup, "Lucky" Sid.

I'll protect you little mare!

Since his arrival at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, we've sure gotten to love Sid and his kind personality. He's not the type to be pushed around, and he always has an entourage of petite mustang mares that look up to him for protection. This protection extends to his human friends as well. Sid loves a good muzzle hug and neck scratch. He'll make sure that no other horse, except his little mares, makes a clumsy move while a person gives him loving attention.

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