Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Meet Kemen!...our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor for November. Kemen is a true Spanish Mustang. We've been able to watch him grow over the last three years or so, and it's been fun watching him do so. Now he's part of our Spanish Mustang band at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.


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Shy and Wild

Kemen was meant to live in the wide open spaces of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. He is one of the wildest and shiest horses here despite coming from domesticated parents. His unique markings make him easy to spot but his apprehensive nature doesn't let most people get too close.

The Bloodlines of a True Spanish Mustang!

Born in June 2011 from his parents of Crazy Legs and Smarty Cat, Kemen was bred to keep the Spanish Mustang genes alive and well. He's a handsome looking Appaloosa Spanish Mustang gelding with bald face and blue eyes. His mom, Smarty Cat is shown on the left with another black mare.

The Three Amigos

Kemen came to us with two other young Spanish Mustang colts and "the three amigos" are still connected at the hip. When new Spanish Mustang arrivals join Sid's band with mostly American mustangs in the herd, the Spanish Mustangs always seem to stick together. Kemen and one of his pal amigos check out the camera.

Winter Isn't Far

Kemen, like all our Spanish Mustangs, needs your help so we can keep him healthy and happy in the coming winter. And we want to keep him healthy and happy for many winters to come.

Here to Stay!

From little colt to a gelding having a great time rolling around on the ground, Kemen has become a favorite of ours at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Come see him run and roll and play with his friends! And thank you so much for your support of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary and the mustangs like Kemen.

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