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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Our May Mustang of the Month has no name, but two of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary photographers have given her the temporary name, Velcro. As one of the photographers stated, "This is the kind of horse that inspires little girls to endlessly beg their parents for a horse of their own--a horse that fills a head with dreams and wishes--a spirit horse that captures the heart."


A Spirit horse 

She came to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2013 after a Native American ceremony held on our sacred lands each year. Velcro was one of four Spirit horses. Velcro as a Spirit horse represents the four Lakota virtues of generosity, courage, fortitude, and wisdom.

For the love of a palomino!

This sweet little palomino mare sticks to all of her human visitors like...of course, Velcro.  She will follow visitors all over the pasture and is hard to photograph because she always has her nose right in the camera. When she nuzzles you with her beautiful face and winks with her twinkling eyes, you can't resist bonding with her.

A heart of generous kindness

Velcro is especially generous with her kindness towards humans.  We feel lucky she was gifted to the Sanctuary is a model mascot for all of our mustangs.  We keep her close to the visitor's center for that very reason.  Velcro wouldn't want it any other way either because she truly enjoys both human and equine companionship.

Living with the Paint herd

The paint and Curly horses recognized Velcro's fortitude and charming personality, welcoming her to the herd. She returned the favor to the very wild Adobe Town mustangs we adopted last year by helping the Adobe Town mustangs muster the bravery and wisdom to settle into their new home.

A special mare waiting for your love!
Velcro is a horse you won't soon forget, especially when your head hits the pillow at night and the sandman takes you to a dreamland filled with golden moments enhanced by our human connection with animals, including the noble yet gentle horse.


Imagine giving a sponsorship for Velcro to a child or as a special gift on Mother's Day. We can't think of a more loving and affectionate horse you could sponsor.


Text by John

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