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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Meet Honey, a beautiful, yellow dun Spanish Mustang. Though she is clearly of Spanish Mustang descent, Honey traces her latest generational roots to the Sulphur Heard Management Area in western Utah; she's the result of almost 500 years of American mustangs in the wild. Honey needs a sponsor, so she is this month's Mustang of the Month to Sponsor. Please choose a level of sponsorship: Sponsor, Winter Friend, Four Seasons Friend, or Forever Friend. Scroll down for more information and photos of Honey.

Spanish Mustang Sponsor
Spanish Mustang Sponsor

Honey's Spanish Wild Mustang Sponsorship Kit contains:

  • History of the Horse

  • Bumper sticker

  • Informational brochures

  • History of the American Wild Mustang

  • Current year Spanish Mustang calendar

  • Registration card

  • Certificate of horse selected

"Yellow Dun Beauty with Prominent Primitive Markings"

When you visit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary and take a tour, ask your tour guide to point out Honey. Born out of Sulphur Gloria and sired by Don Juan, Honey inherited magnificent primitive markings, a black dorsal stripe, black tipped ears, horizontal striping on her legs and a dark muzzle area. She's a shy mare and a bit aloof, so have your camera ready to snap her photo before she heads off across the plains with her small band of Spanish Mustang friends.
Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang, Yellow Dun
Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang, Yellow Dun
Honey's Outstanding Leg Striping.
Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang, Yellow Dun
Honey! Our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor. Thank you for your generosity.
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