Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Beautiful Chon-Teh is our Mustang of the Month to Sponsor for December. She's been through plenty of tough times, but she never lost her sweet disposition and elegant curiosity. Sure, it takes a bit of time for her to warm up to people, but she'll fellow you around at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, once you gain her trust. Won't you please sponsor her?


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From Neglect to Near Slaughter

Chon-Teh carries the scars of her neglect by her adopter, who adopted her from BLM holding. On her face she carries a prominent scar where her halter was allowed to grow into her face. The neglect would be bad enough, but matters only got worse when she was let go and then sent to slaughter.

Wash-ah-kah Chon-Teh

It's an elegant name for a very elegant girl, but we all know her as Chon-Teh now that she's been with us for awhile. Her name means "strong heart", which suits our Chon-Teh so very much!

Free to Run!

Chon-Teh now is free to run in the rescue band of horses at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Yes, it's a happy ending for Chon-Teh and a wonderful life after Carol Poole had Chon-Teh transported to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. We're lucky to have her and love watching her elegant stride and manners as she hangs out with her friends.

Thanks to People Like You!

Chon-Teh's happy ending and current wonderful life is possible because of your generosity to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Won't you please make Christmas 2014 a very special Christmas for Chon-Teh by sponsoring her?

The Mustang and Burro Freedom Foundation to the Rescue!

Carol Poole of the Mustang and Burro Freedom Foundation became aware of Chon-Teh's plight as Chon-Teh languished in a PA kill barn in December 2010. Between the embedded halter in her face and an upper respiratory infection, Chon-Teh was in dire straits! All that changed with her rescue by the Mustang and Burro Freedom Foundation.

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In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect this land to provide sanctuary for America's wild horses, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is private property and is not open to the public.

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