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Mustangs of the Month to Sponsor

This is what the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is all about, saving a unique part of our western heritage, the mustangs! This month we ask you to sponsor one of our recent arrivals from the Wyoming BLM lands. There are four mustangs that need your help: Bronze Warrior, Diamond Girl, Snowfall, and Theodore.

When captured, what next?

You can read about the plight of the southwest Wyoming mustangs on Carol Walker's blog: Wild Horses: A New Beginning for Older Wild Horses from Adobe Town. Whenever the BLM holds a roundup, you can bet the wild mustangs will have an uncertain future. But we all can help make that future certain by caring for this priceless part of the American West.


Right: Theodore and Diamond Girl look to the open land that will be their new home.

Truly Wild Horses Saved

The plight of the mustangs in the Adobe Town Management Area in southwest Wyoming became acute in late 2014. The BLM was determined to roundup the mustangs and pen them up. Mustang lover and fabulous photographer, Carol Walker, came to the rescue of many of these mustangs. It was a long journey for the mustangs, but the first four arrived at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in January.


Left: Bronze Warrior, Snowfall, and Diamond Girl settle in to their new home.

The resilience of wild mustangs

As resilient as the land of the American West, the Adobe Town mustangs survived the roundup and the trip; they look healthy and now look happy as the land beckons them once again!

It's a wonderfully satisfying sight, wild mustangs doing what they do best: living free and wild once again.

With Your Help!

As you know, we can't do this alone. We need your kindness, generosity and love of horses to keep Bronze Warrior, Diamond Girl, Snowfall, and Theodore living the life they deserve. We need your help to keep this precious heritage of the American West alive and well for future generations!

A new beginning:

Bronze Warrior, Diamond Girl, Snowfall, and Theodore are not the only Adobe Town Mustangs.  Come back often to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary website and Facebook page for more updates of the mustangs of Adobe Town finding their forever home and freedom at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

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