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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Our April Mustang of the Month is a petite and oh so pretty Spanish Mustang, Bella! Bella's a perfect mare helping make our Spanish Mustangs the very best. Bella's home at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary couldn't be better; we're proud to have her.


Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

A magnificent addition to the Spanish Mustang band:

Bella came to us as a yearling, along with two mares, Tater Tot and Whirlwind. All three horses are noted for their gentle, inquisitive personalities. And oh wow, her tiny size fooled us at first, as she seemed to get lost in the Spanish Mustang band. However, within that beautiful Spanish Mustang frame is a huge Spanish Mustang personality. She soon made herself known as a noble Spanish Mustang.

Spirit of a Spanish Mustang!

With her dun color and exquisite Spanish Mustang poise, Bella will capture your heart immediately. Her gentle nature and stunning Spanish Mustang heritage can't be missed when you meet her. She has the persevering Spanish Mustang spirit deep her genes.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang
Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

And then injury

A few years back Bella severely injured one of her forelegs. We gave her a lot of loving, tender care to pull her through her injury. It wasn't just us who brought back Bella's running days to her after her injury. It was her Spanish Mustang heart too!

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Living with the Paint herd

After her injury we keep Bella closer to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary out buildings. Her hoof must be kept trimmed so her injury does not cause her long term problems. As you can guess, your sponsorship of Bella is sorely needed so Bella can stay running free.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Doing darn well!
And here comes Bella now! You can count on Bella to come over and say hi. And when she does you'll experience what we love so much about Bella, a truly Spanish Mustang magical moment.


Won't you help us continue the Spanish Mustang magic by sponsoring Bella?


Text by John

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