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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

For July our Mustang of the Month is another 'Spirit' horse. This handsome yellow dun mustang filly stands for wisdom in the four Lakota colors and the color of sunrise. We don't have a name for this Spirit horse. Perhaps your sponsorship as a Four Seasons Friend would also include a name to give this horse? Yes, for a Four Seasons Friend sponsorship, you could name this handsome filly.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

One of Four Spirit horses 

This yellow dun came to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2013 after a Native American ceremony held on our sacred lands each year. She was one of four Spirit horses. Like our two previous Mustang of the Month, she represents the four Lakota virtues of generosity, courage, fortitude, and wisdom. This magnificent horse represents wisdom.

The Direction of Wisdom

"East (Yellow) - The direction from which the sun comes. Light dawns in the morning and spreads over the earth. This is the beginning of a new day. It is also the beginning of understanding because light helps us see things the way they really are. On a deeper level, East stands for the wisdom helping people live good lives. Traditional people rise in the morning to pray facing the dawn, asking God for wisdom and understanding."

From the Lakota description of the Four Directions Wheel.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

A "Friend" indeed!

Yes, she has that lovely Curly mustang disposition. Her joy in her surroundings is as infectious as is her heart large enough to enjoy all humans and horses alike for their friendship. You'll have a hard time resisting her charming Curly personality. But, why resist? Better to indulge yourself in her love.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Knowing horses is a path to wisdom,

Loving a horse is having wisdom

You'll see the wisdom in the eyes of this Spirit horse. You'll feel the wisdom as he gazes at you. It should come as no surprise that Native Americans immediately understood the intimate nature of horses and mankind and the courage, fortitude, generosity, and wisdom of the horse. A mustang has wisdom of the land and knows how to be one with the land. This wisdom is a part of all the horses at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Is mankind relegating the wisdom of the horse to the past?
We're striving everyday to keep the wisdom and the spirit of the horse alive and well! This spectacular yellow dun Spirit horse represents the 'wisdom' of the horse. Mankind needs this wisdom in the present and the future, since we must never forget the freedom of the land and how much we depend on it. We want this Spirit horse of wisdom to be part of the land and free, as much of the land and free as all the horses at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Won't you help us? Please sponsor this Spirit horse.


Text & Photos by John

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang
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