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Mustang of the Month to Sponsor

Our March Mustang of the Month is a very special girl, Angel! She's had a very difficult life, rather like the ugly duckling. But she has turned into the Beautiful Swan now that she has found her forever home at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.


Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

A BLM mustang destined to be euthanized:

It's a story that often repeats itself.  Wild horses born on the open range or in a holding facility are adopted by people with good intentions. At some point something goes wrong and the horse suffers for it. So is Angel's story, adopted, sent for training, the trainer said she was untrainable, abused, and twice she was destined to be euthanized.

Look into her beautiful eyes!

It's difficult to believe that one of the vets at rescue said "this is the ugliest horse I've seen." We beg to differ!!!! Angel needed caring and love and FREEDOM from abuse. When she bats those beautiful white eyelashes at you, you'll know what we do, not only is Angel a mare with a beautiful personality, but she has plenty of beauty on the outside too. She's become our beautiful white swan.

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang
Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

Continuing the rescue:

Rescuing a mustang does not stop with the rescue. A rescued horse many times requires special attention long after its rescue. Angel is a case in point. She's needed special feed to get some weight on her. She still gets that special attention!

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

A beautiful personality:

Her so called untrainable characteristics transformed into a shy mare and with the special attention we've given her has further transformed her into an affectionate mare more than eager to get that back and ear scratching. You'll see her smile with contentment now!

Wild Mustang, Spanish Mustang

An Angel worth sponsoring!

This special mare can be your mustang to sponsor. She needs people like you to continue that flow of sweet feed and grain to help her stay healthy and happy and a beautiful swan. Won't you please send Angel a loving note and sponsor her? Thank you!

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