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Stories from the Heart of a Mustang

Freedom & Family 

“The capacity to care is what gives life its most deepest significance.” – Pablo Casals

It is a lovely relationship to observe, that between Merle and Courage.  They have become partners and made new friends together, almost like creating a whole new family support system among their group.  He seems to know where she is even if she’s not next to him.  They are…connected…making each other whole.



The next part of their journey will move them closer to freedom as we prepare to release Merle, Courage, and a few other Sulphur mustangs into a new pasture.  Ultimately, they will be able to run free upon vast acreage with the other Spanish mustangs at the Sanctuary.  It will be as close to true freedom as they can get.  And Merle will be with Courage, his new family, safe and free.



Your support makes this all possible!  It helps to make certain that hay is available when winter weather limits the forage the ground can produce.  It helps fill the water troughs when the rain stops.  It ensures that there are qualified people here to monitor the health of the herds.  It guarantees the freedom of the horses to live their days in peace, without fear of round-ups and the loss of family.


Mustang Facts:  Sulphur horses are a type of Spanish horse, considered to be one of the most genetically pure types of wild horse here in America.   Sulphurs come in a variety of colors and have markings that are known as dun factor. The base color of the mane of the horse must be darker for the horse to be considered a true dun. These markings are darker than the body color and most often the same color as the mane and tail. The most common dun factor marking is the dorsal stripe. The dorsal stripe usually runs from the base of the mane to the base of the tail along the spine.  Other characteristics include dark leg stripes up to the knee, ears are pointed with a dark rim, neck and shoulder stripes, dark "eye liner" encircles the eyes, hooves are thick-walled, and extremely tough. 


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