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Stories from the Heart of a Mustang

A Valentine Story from the Heart

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Elizabeth Barrett Browning


As the cold February wind is warmed by the rising sun, the rocky cliff walls that bank the ancient Cheyenne River at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary are illuminated by the early light. Along that river corridor is a pasture area where two peaceful American Mustangs share a life. Born thousands of miles apart these two after a chance encounter have become close friends.


An unlikely pair at best but they are the dearest of friends. Our very own Medicine Hattie, the lanky grey and white eighteen year old mare born right here on the Sanctuary has always lived a life of peace and harmony. Moving with her family band from one side of the Cheyenne River to the other seeking the sweet prairie grasses, her days were filled with joy.



For the older black BLM gelding, Spirit, born in the vast desert area known as the Great Basin of Nevada, life was not so peaceful. When he was just a young foal he was rounded up by BLM helicopters and his adoption journey carried him across the country to Delaware. Many years passed in solitary captivity, one day his owner decided to move away.  After hearing about the need for Spirit to have a forever home, a lady who is true friend to the BLM adopted mustangs arranged for him to come to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. 


Coming from a solitary life, the lonely Spirit needed the special friendship of the kind and gentle Medicine Hattie. A meeting was arranged and the rest is a true Valentine Story from the Heart.


To share your message of friendship this Valentine’s Day, make a donation for Spirit and Hattie. A lovely photo will be sent to you or to honor your special friends to show them the true love and meaning of friendship.


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