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Spots- spots -see spots run! Our Adobe Appy Mustangs are running free together again !!

The Adobe Appy Mustangs were all in BLM holding facilities in Wyoming and were all separated. In 2015 the Adobe's arrived at The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary and were reunited and now have their freedom together forever. Freedom to roam, freedom to choose their own friends! (L to R Aurora, Storm, Bronze Warrior) Horses form tight bonds- and this herd is never far apart.

We do have a book about these mustangs-- and it is included in the Adobe Town Appaloosa Mustang Sponsorship Kit. Visit the website for more details.

A few years ago Paul Goble and his wife came here to the sanctuary for a couple of tours. Paul Goble is an award winning children's writer- based on Indian Lore his admiration for which is evident in each of his books. We've got 4 different books of his, and they are $8.99 each. The illustrations are superb!

We've still got a few of these specially priced Valentine's Day Tumblers! $34!

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