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Are you in love with a wild horse?

It's nearly spring and yet the threat of snow looms above us once again! Will one of you kind readers have a word with The Weatherman??

Spirit the Spanish Mustang - is looking for folks to fall in love with him! We're offering a chance for you to sponsor him and receive a t shirt with his face on it. This will be a one time donation, and a one time t shirt and a photo of him to be mailed to you. T shirt comes in 3 colors, specify size wanted. $50.00

Visit the Spanish Mustang Sponsorship page, and you can choose between colors, sizes and sponsoring Spirit who is looking for love!

Some of the wild mares are just snorting up a storm racing hither thither and yon = teasing the geldings and tossing heads in the air with derision when the geldings flirt back.

As always I try to include lots of pics of the wild horses here for you to enjoy! We love each of them and are always thrilled to share them with you!

The prairie dogs are in rare form these days-- I've shared a few videos with them 'barking' alerts as I drive around trying to get interesting pics of the various horses we have here to share with you. It's pretty hard to get close enough to see them this clearly, one of the other folks here was able to do so. I usually catch a picture of the dust they throw up in the air as they dive into their holes.

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