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Are you in desperate need of a last minute gift for that some one special? We have just the thing! An item from our gift shop should fit the bill!

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Stud Earrings by The Beaded Pony Earrings measure 1/4" diameter $25.00

Pair of Quill Earrings Handmade by the Lakota Indians on Pine Ridge, SD Lavender, white, yellow, red & black  $30.00

Please consider sponsoring one of these horses

Could you be one of those people? As a gift for a special some one? Once a year for $200?

Left to Right:

Red Hawk -- Spanish Mustang Lakna -- Chocktaw stallion Aurora - Adobe Appaloosa mare

 When Red Hawk first arrived at the Sanctuary, our founder Dayton O. Hyde commented, "He is the kind of horse I'd like to ride. A Spanish Mustang- he is noble, spritely and free to run thanks to people like you!

Lakna is the "king" of the Choctaw Indian Pony herd here at the Sanctuary.  Always happy to have the attention of his mares, offspring, and humans, Lakna has a personality larger than the whole herd.

Aurora is Bronze Warriors daughter and was reunited in 2015 when all were brought to the Sanctuary. Aurora has the same facial markings as Bronze Warrior and is white with bronze coloring, and has a short  white mane with brown. Aurora’s daughter is Dakota Dawn. 

We appreciate all your support! We couldn't do what we do without you! Call or email with questions - and we will always do our best to help you!


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