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Jewels of the Prairie!

We were entrusted with some of the very rare Choctaw Indian Ponies which are part of a preservation project. The history of this horses is well documented-- and very impressive! The mare Goblin was featured as an example of the Choctaw horses listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website due to her importance of color, type and bloodlines. She is royalty among the Choctaw Indian Ponies. Your continued support, and willingness to sponsor these horses helps all the horses here- and allows these rare Chockaw's to be available for preservation breeders.

Please remember that you are always welcome to visit us here!! If you are coming from away-- as long as the gates are open you can just drive on in! If the gates are closed, it means we are moving horses from one pasture to another-- and we ask that you call us-- to find out how long you need to wait. M-F 10am-4pm just drive in, it's free!

This Valentine's Day special Horse & hearts stainless steel tumbler is $34 a special price til 2/14/24

Children's Sponsorship kit with stuff includes stores about Phantom, Prairie Lark and Prairie Lonesome, Red Aster and some of Dayton Hyde's favorite horses. A book filled with pictures and a DVD that focuses on the Sanctuary and how Mr. Hyde has kept it going. $115.00

Palomino Plush Pony Valentine's Gift Set includes a palomino plush, hearts & horses stainless steel double wall vacuum sealed cup, Running Wild DVD and bumper sticker. We have 6 of theses, when they're gone, they're gone! This gift set is $85.00

These 3 mares below are all daughters of Lakna, are old enough to find a preservation breeder to loan them to. We are working on this- looking for a preservation breeder with the reputation and an appropriate stallion to lease them for breeding to help continue the legacy of the Choctaw pony.  (Phoebe, Tahiyah and Latka's Liberty)

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