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Groundhog Day!

We don't actually have groundhogs here, but we've got a kissin' cousin in the prairie dog!

Trouble is they're so short and fast we can't tell if they've seen their shadow or not!

The prairie dogs sing to us all day long as they graze the short grasses and scurry back to their tunnels. Once in a while a playful horse may try to chase one-- or pretend to run away in fear as they chatter away- but mostly the wild horses ignore them. Even the barn cats seem to have little to do with these perky critters!

Spring is coming! So hang in there! Consider buying a horse a lollipop ! They don't rot their teeth-- these are made of salt and essential minerals with a bit of molasses .

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Keep the blogs coming! They are well written and are great reads. Haven't seen a praire dog since I left the west.

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