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Looking for a Sweetheart

Looking for a Sweetheart


These lucky fellows are looking for a is you?

Make their freedom complete by giving them a name when you become a Four Season Friend or Forever Friend Sponsor.


Here's some info about these lucky youngsters who have a forever home with us:

3-Spanish Mustang Yearling 


This just is not possible without the generous support of our donors!  Become a Four Season Friend to one (or more) of these lucky fellows today!  Your annual donation of $600 will help provide hay, energy cake, mineral blocks, and water to your horse!  And you get the opportunity to name your horse!  We will do our best to keep track of your horse throughout the vast Sanctuary acreage and provide you with a photo of your horse along with a receipt for your annual donation for tax purposes.


Be sure to let us know which youngster you are naming...and their name!


(By the way, we do not intentionally breed horses and we do practice birth control in our herds…but we all know that nature can, and does, override human intentions.)

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