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One of these things is not like the other!!

Here at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, we have taken in hundreds of BLM mustangs, some directly from BLM, others from rescues who found them in kill pens across the country. Sometimes we get unusual dividends from these wild horses!

Sometimes the mares arrive pregnant-- we often can't even tell. And then someone yells "there's a new foal out in the pasture" and we all run to see the newborn. Imagine the surprise when one day, the newborn had exceptionally long ears!!??!! We have ever had a mule born here before!! She's about 5 now, and while we love her, she sticks out like a long ear !

How does a mule happen? That's when a donkey and a horse mate and produce offspring. In this case, her Momma is a BLM mustang, and her Poppa is probably a BLM donkey maybe they were in a herd together- it's not common but it does happen.

Could you purchase some hay for our dear Molly Mule??? She promises to share with Kemen and all the other mustangs!!

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It has been great reading the blogs/updates about the Mustangs (and Molly Mule). Makes me feel closer to the horses and the Sanctuary. Entertaining and educational. Very well written. Hope they continue to arrive in my inbox . Thank you.

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