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Make way for Sunday!

Working with another rescue we accepted Sunday - a 7 year old BLM mare that was in a kill pen. Others were adopted to homes, but she simply wants to run free. She looks calm but can hit 35 mph in 60 seconds.

Her brand is shaved so we can attempt to read it and contact BLM to find our where she came from originally.

Training continues on our threesome of youngsters.

left is Kitten, learning about having her mouth handled since she needs to see a dentist. Middle is a 2 year old colt we've started calling Blaze who is cryptorchid. This means either one or both of his testicals have not descended so gelding him requires major surgery. We've been told his will call cost $2000, we have him scheduled for next week. The 3rd is a 3 year old stallion who like wise is a cryptorchid and while he is progressing he needs more work. You have been generous with help for equine special needs and we appreciate it! The 2 boys once gelded can be turned back out to run free. We have raised $1000 and we need another $2000 to get the boys done.

Molly Mule was born here about 5 years ago. She was a bonus from taking in some wild BLM mares-- one of whom apparently had a dalliance with a donkey! It was a great surprise to see such long ears on a new foal when she was born!

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