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Hearts Afire at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary!

Nearly 100 of our mustangs at the sanctuary, in our special Spanish herds, represent primitive remnants from rare bloodlines of the Golden Age of Spain. The fire of Spain flows through their veins. Spanish horses were famed for their agility, courage and intelligence, depicted in portraits throughout history as battle chargers for famous warriors.

Red Hawk one of our Spanish Mustangs showing us how it's done! Look at the hair (mane) and those dark soulful eyes!! He's a hunk of burning love right?!? Could you sponsor him today?

Spanish Mustang, Sulfur Mustang

This spanish mustang in the photo above is a hansome example of our spanish mustangs. So handsome we made him the model for these Spirit of a Legacy T shirts!

He too needs sponsors- and he has not been named yet either.

We have them in other colors on the website.

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