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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year everyone thinks about what they are the most thankful for. We the mustangs, here at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary would like to thank everyone who donates for our hay, cake and shelter. As the winter months approach us we use the hay to lay in and keep us warm, like a blanket, the cake gives us all of our vitamins, minerals and proteins needed to keep our diet balanced, and shelter to get us out of the wind and snow. We are beyond thankful for the support everyone has given us, by donating you give us the chance to run free, wild and make the sanctuary feel like home.

Please continue to with all of your donations and support for the mustangs and their friends. They greatly appreciate the love and generosity from each and every person who donates.

Visit the home page on to find where you can donate for the buildings that provide shelter, cake and hay.

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