Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary FAQs

Are you open for tours?

In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect this land to provide a sanctuary of freedom for America's wild horses, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is private property and is not open to the general public for bus/group tours. We do offer Private Tours on a limited Schedule. 

Please see our Visit page to learn more.


Can I drop in for a visit?

The short answer is no. The long answer is sometimes. In addition to private tours, our Gift Shop is open on a very limited schedule from Memorial Day to the end of September. 

Please see our Visit page to learn more.

How can I help?

You can help the horses is through sponsorships, donations, or shopping our on-line gift shop
We are also part of the Amazon Smile Program as the Institute of Range & American Mustang.

What does it mean to sponsor a horse?

Horse sponsorships are an annual gift towards a specific horse. Learn more on our Sponsorship Page

How large is the Sanctuary?

Our horses roam freely on over 11,000 acres.

How many horses do you have?

The Sanctuary is home to several hundred horses.

Do you rescue mustangs/horses?

As a sanctuary, our goal is provide a forever home for America's Mustangs. We do not rescue horses directly, but work closey with some Mustang rescue groups that do. We only accept horses on space available basis in order to provide them with a safe and natural home for the rest of their lives. All decisions and eveything we do is based on what is the best possible situation for the mustangs that call our Sanctuary home.

Do the horses breed naturally?

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is not intentionally breeding our horses.

However, this amazing Sanctuary property with 11,000+ acres, has an extensive system of canyons that run deep and long. Much of those areas are inaccessible for us humans except by foot. Catching a stallion that has made a canyon his home is not always possible. So, several years ago, we started using PZP fertility control on all the mares that we can. We also gather all the young colts we can so that they can be gelded and released. These combined efforts have significantly reduced the number of foals born.

Do you acquire the horses via orphans and abused unwanted horses?

We work with specific rescue organizations and carefully monitor the population here to avoid over-crowding/over-grazing on the available land. We focus on horses that were rounded up from America’s Public Lands, such as National Forests and Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Some of those horses may have had a less than ideal life before they arrive at our Sanctuary.

Where do the horses come from?

Our horses come from all across the United States.

What is IRAM?

IRAM is an acronym of our full legal name, The Institute of Range and American Mustang, and we are a 501c3 Not for Profit organization.  IRAM operates the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary with the mission to preserve and protect this land to provide a haven of hope for America's wild horses.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. We are a 501c3 Not for Profit organization, listed with the IRS as The Institute of Range and the American Mustang. All donations are tax deductible. Our 990 filing and other financial information is available here.


Horses running free at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary