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Brr......Winter Is Here!

      Snow is on the ground and and the nights are below freezing. Some days it is overcast and the sun stays hidden. We the mustangs, love when the sun is out and helps to warm us during the day.              Thank you to everyone who donates for our hay, cake and shelter. The horse cake that the ranch crew feeds us in the morning gives us all of nutrition to keep us healthy.  Some of our pastures that do not not have trees now have new shelters to give us a place to get out of the wind and snow.
     We are beyond thankful for your support by donating for our care. Your gifts give us the chance to live a life of freedom.
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Our Mission
The Institute of Range and the American Mustang (IRAM) founded by Dayton O. Hyde in 1988 is a 501 c 3 non profit registered in the state of South Dakota. Our Federal Tax number is 46-0401462. IRAM's finest gift is the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary home to hundreds of unwanted wild mustangs. 

Join The Herd

Make a Mustang Friend. Donate directly to the care of  your special mustang friend. Your support will provide horse cake, hay, salt, mineral and veterinary care. 


100% of the Sanctuary's funding comes from the friends of the wild horses. Your gift goes directly to the care of the mustangs. 

You can sponsor Cassidy in the curly horse herd!  Her warm brown eyes invite you to come over and say hello!


You will feel them before you hear them

You will hear them before you see them.


There on the horizon, stretch the sources of the thunder. Neither men nor machines nor the timeless rumblings of a prairie storm.


They are the wild mustangs, and they are home at last!

Experience the Mustang Magic

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Sanctuary Founder Dayton O. Hyde
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