As you make your travel plans, please remember the Sanctuary is private property and is not open to the general public. We do not offer public group/bus type tours.

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Triple H: Hoppers, Hay and Horses

The grit penetrates through shirts and jackets as 60 mph winds howl across the plains and roar down the canyons. Visibility drops to zero as dust fills the air, born on the wings of the wind.

Last year grasshoppers invaded, gorging themselves on the precious grasses our horses rely on.

Last year, we were under severe drought conditions, with far below average rainfall/snowfall amounts. This year could be more of the same.

And the reality is, we must now feed hay year-round to the several hundred mustangs that call the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary home.


You can help. 


It takes an average of 15 round bales of hay each day to feed our herds. And that costs about $70,000 month.


Every. Single. Month.


The need is urgent. Since Jan 1, 2021, we have spent $300,000 just on hay.


But with your help, together we can keep the horses healthy and happy during these trying times.

Visit our DONATE page to learn how you can help.

We must never forget the beauty and importance of our wild horses and their right to run wild and free.

– Dayton O. Hyde (1925-2018), All the Wild Horses

Help the Legacy live on today.

Ranger 100 Mile Challenge


Is your horse looking for a way to help our horses?


Check out the 2021 RANGER 100 Mile Challenge, where you and your horse log 100 miles over the next several months. Black Hills WIld Horse Sanctuary will recieve a portion of the sign-up fees.

Learn more at

The Institute of Range and the American Mustang (IRAM) was created in 1987 as a nonprofit organization to provide a permanent private home for America's unwanted wild horses. The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is the primary program of IRAM focused on the preservation of endangered wild horse bloodlines of the resident mustang bands. This includes the Spanish, Choctaw Indian, Curly and American Mustangs.