Tourism at the Sanctuary is no longer available

For the welfare of the horses, wildlife and staff, we will no longer be offering tours of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.  Your ongoing support as donors and sponsors is greatly appreciated and needed more than ever to help us fulfill our mission of providing a haven of hope for America's wild horses!

Saved from a Life of Quarantine

Imagine enjoying life and the freedom to go wherever you please with those you love most. This stallion had a family. He had friends. He had hope. He had his freedom. 


He lost everything the day the helicopters chased him through his home in the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area in Utah. He was trapped, confined. The next 2 years of his life would be spent in holding pens – no freedom to run or feel safe within his home rangeland. No adopters and no way out. Essentially, he was destined to live in perpetual quarantine.

photos by Karla LaRive

Perhaps, we humans can now better relate to wild horses “quarantined” in BLM holding facilities. 


The horses, however, are not given the opportunity to prepare, to stock up on basic necessities, to work from home, or to connect to their world through the internet. Their entire herd is often chased for miles by helicopter until they enter the trap zone. Their family torn apart, they will never again run in freedom. They will forever be behind a fence. Some will find their way out via adoption, but currently there are almost 50,000 wild horses and burros basically spending the remainder of their life in quarantine.

Quarantine has ended for this horse thanks to the efforts of Return to Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation, a dedicated horse hauler, numerous funding sources and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. 

It was a tremendous effort that has resulted in restored hope and freedom for this magnificent Sulphur mustang. He is the featured horse for April 2020 in our calendar which you can order below.

“These horses are not going to suffer anymore; we will see that they have a good life. Nobody will ever frighten them or be mean to them. We hope to give them peace here.” – Dayton O. Hyde, excerpt from Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde.


You can be a part of restoring hope and supporting freedom for the horses that have found refuge at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary! Donate today to help us provide a haven of hope for America’s wild horses!

Rise to the Challenge by supporting the 2020 Water Projects!


Your help is needed today to support 2 very important projects.  The combined estimated costs for the new well and pond restoration projects total $100,000.


A $50,000 matching gift challenge has been offered by an anonymous long-time Sanctuary supporter - so your gift will be doubled!

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In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect this land to provide a haven of hope for America's wild horses, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is private property and CLOSED to the public. 


Please respect the horses' home.

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