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Greener Acres possible with matching grant funds!

Greener Acres possible with matching grant funds!


This is very exciting!!  We've qualified for a matching grant to install an irrigation system on  our grazing and hay fields- this will cover about 400 acres!!  We need to raise $150,000 of the irrigation system costs itself.   400 irrigated acres for horses to graze on, or for us to make hay on, either way means it will cost less to feed the horses here year round.  Matching grants don't grow on trees, so we sincerely hope you can help us reach this goal!


There was a 140 year old irrigation system at Hill House that is simply not functional anymore.  We've done what we can, but the entire thing needs replacing. This means we also need to replace miles of fence lines that surround these 400 acres.  South Dakota is a fence out state, which means if you don't want neighboring cattle grazing on your land you must pay for the fencing yourself.  Since not fencing these 400 acres could also mean those cattle could damage or worse yet destroy the irrigation system- this must be done at the same time.  


Becoming more green-- both figuratively and in reality!   Growing fresh grass for the horses to graze on!  Allowing for us to produce hay here- will lower our carbon foot print astonomically.  This is a pivotal point in the development of resources here at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.  Reducing our dependance on outside food sources for the wild horses while also reducing the costs of said feed. This project is a long over due and we are thrilled to have been awarded this matching grant!


Please help us reach our goal  of $150,000 by April 21st!  The horses are counting on all of us!

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