I Am Nitika Book and Plush Horse Gift Package

I Am Nitika Book and Plush Horse Gift Package


I Am Nitika book (Hardcover) includes an Aurora 12" horse plushie, Tola.


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I Am Nitika, The Story of an American Mustang (2017)

By Vera Thornton. Suitable for ages 5 and up. Full color illustrations, hardback. Book signed by the author. This is a true story of a mustang born at the Sanctuary. She is the daughter of Kola and sired by Painted Desert.

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    "Everyone who meets Angel (Nitika) loves her. She is a social butterfly, and so beautiful that I like to joke that she must have stood in line for beauty more once thinking that it was the line for food. She is quite the ambassador for mustangs and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Hot Springs South Dakota." - Vera Thornton, author and artist

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