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The Dayton O. Hyde Legacy Fund

The Dayton O. Hyde Legacy Fund


Our founder, Dayton O. Hyde (1925-2018) once said, “I always believed man doesn’t have dominion over wildlife…instead, man has a responsibility to take care of all of our fellow travelers on this earth."


To honor Dayton O. Hyde and his Legacy of Freedom for America's Wid Horses, we established the Dayton O. Hyde Legacy Fund to support the long-term sustainability of Dayton’s vision of wild horse freedom.


Since 1988, IRAM has held true to his vison to “preserve the land and provide sanctuary for America’s Wild Horses” and today continues to fulfill that the promise of freedom, helping the legacy live on.


Help Dayton’s Legacy live on. Consider making a donation to the Dayton O. Hyde Legacy Fund Join us today as we help this legacy of freedom live on for America’s Wild Horses.


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