Beautiful Browns

Beautiful Browns


There's a shade of chocolate for every chocolate lover...and a shade of brown for every horse lover. These horse have  backgrounds as varied as thier colors. Some were rounded up from BLM or state lands, some are failed BLM adoptions. Others were lucky enough to be born here.


But they all have one thing in common...they need a human friend and a new name to go with the freedom they now have here at the Sanctuary. Won't you become their Forever or For Season Friend today and help them live out the rest of their lives in unmolested freedom?


(Any names listed here are the ones they came with)


1 - Azeem - A lovely chestnut mare

2 - Gila Bend Filly - This sweet, "star-kissed" filly is part of our herd of Gila Bend Horses.

3 - Spanish Mustang Gelding - a youngster who is enjoying a life of freedom

4 - Golly - A sorrell colored  BLM mustang with a unique drumstick marking on his forehead

5 - American Mustang gelding - This handsome sorrel sports 4 white stockings and a lovely blaze. This little guy is only 3 to 4 years old and he needs a special friend. Will you be is Forever Friend or Four Season today?


 (While we do not intentionally breed here at the Sanctuary, nature manages to find a way.)


As a Four Season Friend, your annual donation of $600 will help provide hay, energy cake, mineral and salt blocks, and water for your mustang friend.  You also have the opportunity to name your mustang!  Just let us know what wonderful name you would like her to have when you start your sponsorship.


We will do our best to keep track of your mustang and send you a photo with your annual donation receipt.  A lifetime gift of $5,000 makes you a Forever Friend who receives a photo every year and updates about your Forever Friend that you can name!


Thank you for your generous support!


Be sure to let us know which mustang you are naming...and their new name!