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Gila Bend Mustangs

Gila Bend Mustangs


This is a great story that has a troubled beginning but a wonderful happy ending.

This is our story of the Gila Bend Mustangs.


We took in this herd of 50 in 2020. They started their journey in Gila Bend Arizona. Gila Bend, founded in 1872, is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. The town is named for an approximately 90-degree bend in the Gila River, which is near the community's current location. The entire herd traveled to the Cheyenne River Reservation here in South Dakota for a short while before they were sent to California sanctuaries. One sanctuary located in Northern California and one located in Central California.


During their time in Northern California they suffered through a large forest fire where it blazed and eventually crested over the little Gila herd. Some did not make it, others still suffer some effects from the high temperatures and smoke. They are smaller framed mustangs and have very few distinguishing marks. Staff on the Sanctuary joke how they look and act like Universal Pictures Minion. Where one goes the rest follows.


A year has gone by and the animals are healing, gaining needed weight, and for the first time in their lives running free on plentiful acres of space. We truly consider these Gila Bend Mustangs to be a wonderful addition to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Please consider sponsoring a Gila Bend Mustang.

  • Details

    The Mustang Friend Donation Program allows you to donate directly to the care of a wild horse that makes their home here. Your support will provide your mustang with hay, fresh water, energy cake, and salt, mineral, and wormer blocks. Your contributions will also provide any necessary farrier, dentist, and other vet care.


    All Sponsors Receive:
    * Photograph of Mustang Friend
    * Annual Calendar of Sanctuary Mustangs
    * Letter of Contribution

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