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Spanish Mustang Herd

Welcome to this new and exciting Spanish Mustang Spirit of the Black Hills preservation project, managed by the Institute of Range and the American Mustang (IRAM) at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary (BHWHS) in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Nearly fifty of our over five hundred mustangs at the sanctuary, in our special Spanish herds, represent primitive remnants from rare bloodlines of the Golden Age of Spain and the Old World Iberian Peninsula. We are now expanding our wild horse sponsorship program to include our historic Spanish type horses. The purpose of this project is to preserve, promote, and educate the public about rare Spanish and Portuguese equine bloodlines still found in today's American mustangs. Check out our Rare Spanish, Sulphur, Kiger, and Sorraia Mustangs sponsor horses and the new books about Spanish Mustangs! Visit our Spanish Mustang Spirit page to learn more about these rare treasures.

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Susan Watt

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Karla LaRive


Hannah de Montana

Hannah is a zebra dun Sulphur mustang mare from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. She has a lovely star adorning her forehead and a stripe down her back with three white socks. Her primitive markings include a bi-colored mane and tail, dark ear rims, a dorsal stripe, wither stripes, and zebra stripes on her legs. She and her daughter Nina arrived at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary late in 2009 to join the rest of the Spanish herd.