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Support The Three  Musketeers!

Support The Three Musketeers!


These 3 have formed a family unit and stay together all the time.  Mellow Skye was born here some 10 years ago out of the BLM mare Melinda.  He'd always been low man on the totem pole.  After his horrendous injuries -needing much medical attention- he healed beautifully.  


He also found a new courage!   After being introduced to these lovely ladies - Sunday and Cinca - he became the man of the house!   He guards them, protects them, and is showing them around his home turf.  Send these three some love, and we will send you a new photo of one or more of these horses together.      


There is a 3rd bay mare in their family unit now-- we will update with photos of her as soon as we can get a clear shot.  So far, she's usually hanging tight in the middle of the group.

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