Sunshine Family

Sunshine Family



It was a dark and stormy future for a mama and her daughters. Huddled together at a feedlot/killpen in Oklahoma, the outlook was bleak.


A heavily bred palomino mare, with her one-year-old and two-year-old at her side. Bred back-to-back she is pregnant once more. She and her babies are thin, covered with ticks, facing an unpleasant end.


But the storm clouds rolled past and their future is bright.


When we heard of their plight, we were able to bail out this little family trio of palominos, have them treated for the parasites, and brought to the Sanctuary to continue their rehabilitation. We have started to refer to them as the Sunshine Family.


Now safe at the Sanctuary, our Mother-to-be is on a special diet to help her not only with the stress she’s endured but also her current pregnancy and the health of the unborn foal. Tucked safely in the barn and sheltered from the elements, she is ready to give birth any day.


But she’s not the only expectant mama in the family. After their arrival, we discovered her eldest daughter is also in a family way! She is also receiving the extra care needed to regain her health and deliver a healthy foal.


You can make their future even brighter! Sponsor a member of the Sunshine family today...and give them a forever name!


1 - Mama

2 - Two-year-old "big sister"

3 - One-year old "baby of the family" ...well, at least until her baby brother or sister make their appearance.