American Mustang Gelding (Fairburn)

American Mustang Gelding (Fairburn)


This is our first male Mustang of the Week.  This stunning American Mustang Gelding bears the wonderful markings similar to one of our favorite state gemstones.  The Fairburn Agate.  


Fairburns, like other types of agate, are composed of concentric layers of cryptocrystalline chalcedony colorized by different trace minerals. However, fortification banding distinguishes fairburns from other agate types. Fortification banding means that the concentric layers have sharp changes in direction which cause the bands to form angles in ways which are especially distinguishable from other agate types. Mainly, no other agate type forms these patterns.

Markings on horses are usually distinctive white areas on an otherwise dark base coat color. ... Some horse coat colors are distinguished by unique patterns. This Gelding is no exception.

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    The Mustang Friend Donation Program allows you to donate directly to the care of a wild horse that makes their home here. Your support will provide your mustang with hay, fresh water, energy cake, and salt, mineral, and wormer blocks. Your contributions will also provide any necessary farrier, dentist, and other vet care.


    All Sponsors Receive:
    * Photograph of Mustang Friend
    * Annual Calendar of Sanctuary Mustangs
    * Letter of Contribution