Gila Bend Family of 3

Gila Bend Family of 3


Sponsor one member of the family...or all 3!


This little family unit is looking for someone to make their freedom complete by giving each of them a name.


Years ago, the horses in the Gila Bend area in Arizona were removed from their home.  Since then, they have passed through numerous rescues in several states.  This Fall, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary welcomed a large herd to their forever home here.  They arrived in small groups over the course of several weeks.  This little family of momma, baby, and daddy were the last to arrive.  It was a joyous moment to witness them reunite with their herd.


This just is not possible without the generous support of our donors!  Become a Four Season Friend to this little family today!  Your annual donation of $600 will help provide hay, energy cake, mineral blocks, and water to your horse!  And you get the opportunity to name your horse!  We will do our best to keep track of your horse throughout the vast Sanctuary acreage and provide you with a photo of your horse along with a receipt for your annual donation for tax purposes.


Be sure to let us know which member of the family you are naming!