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3 DVD package for wild horse lovers everywhere!

3 DVD package for wild horse lovers everywhere!


Imagine A Place -  A Place DVDWritten by sanctuary founder Dayton O. Hyde A wonderful new 30 minute DVD that follows the lives of six of Dayton O. Hyde’s favorite wild mustangs. Meet their friends, see what they like to do and where they like to hang out along with breath taking scenics of the Cheyenne River Canyon and the vast sanctuary prairie lands.  90 minutes included a guided tour around the sanctuary.


RUNNING WILD, The Life of Dayton O. Hyde. DVD. 

"Dayton O. Hyde is one of the last great American cowboys - a rugged adventurer with a spiritual connection to the frontier. "   The work Dayton did to secure this vast prairie land for the wild horses is legendary!  A true hero for the wild mustang!    90 minutes


Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd  (2) episode DVD

Emmy nominated children's series

Come along on a journey with Terri and Todd as they explore the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Learn about the sanctuary’s rich beauty, fascinating history, and embrace stories of the sanctuary’s successes and struggles directly from the sanctuary's founder, Dayton O. Hyde.


Learn some of the history about how Dayton started this sanctuary.  Laugh, cry and feel the urgency he felt to save these wild horses from a lifetime in small pens.


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