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Esperanza Skye Spanish Mustang

Esperanza Skye Spanish Mustang


I was part of a spanish mustang breeding program in Mississippi. Our human died. The next thing we knew, we were starving. Many of the 80-100 of us died slowly, horribly. Others were shipped to an auction and never seen again. I and the last of my friends ended up at an auction. It didn't look good for us and we were all frightened. Then, some Rescue Angels appeared, and bought us all!  Finally, I and 28 friends were loaded up for a journey filled with hope. Hope because when asked if there was any room for us, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary said yes!


Then more good news!  I received 2 very special friends who named me!!  I got a second chance for happiness at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.  One of my special friends chose "Esperanza" because it means HOPE.   My friends and I have hope now that we are here!  And I know that some one loves me enough to give me a name!  


The reality is, I eat more food in a year than one or two people can sponsor me for.  I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can help keep me fed for $200 a year.  You can make a difference for me and my friends!

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