Caramel Macchiato American Mustang Mare

Caramel Macchiato American Mustang Mare


I am the Mustang of the Week.  I am so excited to hear this.  Out of all the horses they could have chosen.  They chose me!

​I am an approximately 4 year old mare and sport a lovely light dun coloring with caramel stockings with a mane and tail to match. I am sweet just like my nickname Caramel Macchiato. My bloodlines are said to be of the American Mustang group. My mother is Champagne Lady and I was born here on the sanctuary. I am taller than my mother so dad must have had long legs.

If you spend money on one specialty coffee a week you could afford to sponsor me for the whole year and give me a special name chosen by you.  What could be sweeter?


Four Season Friend $600 receives the opportunity to name their mustang friend. 

One Time Support (can be made in payments)

Forever Friend $5,000 receives all of the above, has the opportunity to name their mustang friend, plus provides lifetime care for their wild horse friend.


  • Details

    The Mustang Friend Donation Program allows you to donate directly to the care of a wild horse that makes their home here. Your support will provide your mustang with hay, fresh water, energy cake, and salt, mineral, and wormer blocks. Your contributions will also provide any necessary farrier, dentist, and other vet care.


    All Sponsors Receive:
    * Photograph of Mustang Friend
    * Annual Calendar of Sanctuary Mustangs
    * Letter of Contribution