Galloping to Freedom Book and Bronze Warrior Ornament

Galloping to Freedom Book and Bronze Warrior Ornament


Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas

by Carol J. Walker


"Then I turned and saw an older stallion with bronze highlights glinting off his coat and an Appaloosa 'blanket' over his rump. Despite having an enlarged left knee he trotted by with a float in his gait, determinedly protecting his family while investigating the new person in his territory. I was enchanted by his dignity and by his beautiful family...As they moved up onto a ridge, the stallion paused to look back at me. 'Bronze Warrior,' I thought. 'That is what you are.' - Carol Walker, Author


Gift Package includes one (1) Bronze Warrior Christmas Tree Ornament



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    137 pages hard cover with dust jacket, large format full color book, including over two hundred of Carol’s incredibly moving wild horse photos. With Foreword by Steve Israel, Member of Congress.

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