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Birthday Bash For Previous Orphans

Birthday Bash For Previous Orphans


May was when Peanut was born, found as an orphan.   May is when Chance was discovered pitifully thin with many bites on him.  So we want to celebrate their birthdays this month!   They both come readily for treats and nose rubs.  We plan to take a  warm sunny day and deliver special love to these foals who mean so much to us because we struggled to keep them alive. Without your financial support we might not have been able to save them.   Your donations helped more than you can ever know!  


If you would like to contribute for special treats for these 'kids' it would be greatly appreciated.  As a thank you we will send a photo of one or the other to anyone who donates for the birthday bash!  These grown up orphans are not in the same herd- but they're here and cared for.

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