Photography by Rianna Schmidt

Send Hay, Please

Is it me, or is this one of the longest winters ever?  Many of us came to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary from warmer places, but we have adapted to South Dakota winters over the years. You should see us with our fluffy winter coats and frosty whiskers!


Mornings are the best time of day. That’s when the hay tractor and feed truck come through the pastures. Every. Single. Day. You should see those humans all bundled up with coats, hats, gloves, and even something that practically covers their faces! Humans are not built for the cold like us horses. But every day they are here and we are so thankful.

We walk a bit more carefully in icy areas and find all sorts of places around the Sanctuary to get out of the cold wind. Sunny days are the best – just a little warmth feels so good. And when it snows, I have to confess that it is rather fun to kick up some snowflakes as we race toward the hay tractor.

The hay tractor usually comes first. It lays down a long line of delicious hay. 

Then the feed truck brings our favorite treat of the day – CAKE! It’s rather

sweet and gives us an extra boost of nourishment to keep us healthy even in

these frigid months.

We are grateful for our life of freedom at the Sanctuary – we know we are

safe and that more hay and cake will come tomorrow - thanks to all the humans

that care about us.


Over the course of a “normal” winter, the Sanctuary will spend about $375,000

just on hay. The cold came early this winter and looks to stay longer than usual. 

Your help is needed to make sure there is enough hay to keep the herds fed until

the grass finally grows later in the Spring.

More Precious

Snow Angel

Utterly Irresistible

Sanctuary in Winter

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In keeping with our mission to preserve and protect this land to provide sanctuary for America's wild horses, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is private property and is not open to the public.

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