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Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
South Dakota

We are home to hundreds of Mustangs who are allowed roam free and flourish on our 11,000 acre ranch.

Our Mission

The Sanctuary’s purpose is protecting the range and providing a high-quality life of freedom for its wild horses.


Everything we do at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is devoted to wild horses. From BLM mustangs nobody wanted, to rescues in need of a second chance in life, to the preservation of breeds of mustangs that have dwindled to near extinction… it's all about the mustang.                           

Photo by K.R. LaRive

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Join The Herd

The Institute of Range and the American Mustang's (IRAM) finest gift is the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, home to hundreds of wild horses for over 30 years.

100% of the Sanctuary’s funding comes from donations from individuals and private foundations. Your gift goes directly to the care of the mustangs.

 "One old cowboy can do quite a bit but it is up to us to carry on the dream of keeping these wild horses running free."


Dayton O. Hyde

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We must never forget the beauty and importance of our wild horses and their right to run wild and free.
– Dayton O. Hyde (1925-2018),
All the Wild Horses

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The Institute of Range and the American Mustang (IRAM) was created in 1987 to provide a permanent private home for America's unwanted wild horses. The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is the primary program of IRAM focused on the preservation of endangered wild horse bloodlines of the resident mustang bands. This includes the Spanish, Choctaw Indian, Curly and American Mustangs.

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